Going through Muscle and Back Training Pains With Fort Collins Chiropractor

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Too much physical exercise and exertion can make or break bones. It has been known that exercise help one to improve one’s physique, but it can also complicate matters when one is not careful when dealing with it. One complication with untrained exercises is the pain in the back and other muscle cramps. Using special treatments like Fort Collins Chiropractor can help alleviate back pain as well as improve the back fracture with lesser treatment session compared to other back treatments. You can also ask for a trainer’s assistance when it comes to exercising to avoid any muscle exhaustion due to incorrect training methods. 

i’m still half asleep

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i’m still half asleep, but this was too bizarre to hold back.

i just had a very strange dream. i was naked with a bunch of other people and we were swimming through this thick liquid that looked like it was made of melted black rubber. after we were completely covered in it, we went to the top of a hill and threw ourselves one at a time down the slope. we rolled and tumbled at high speed until all of the stuff flew off of our bodies like those blown out tires you see on the side of the road when you are travelling down the interstate. the funniest thing is that there were people lined up along the sides of the slope and cheering like at an Olympic ski jumping event. apparently the more dramatic your crash-n-burn was, the more points you scored.

i, being bigger than most of the other contestants, left the ramp with the most momentum and flew farther and higher than anyone else before i hit the ground and began rolling. ecstatic, frenzied cheers went up from the crowd! they had never seen a champion rubber-covered belly whomper like me before! people scrambled for souvenirs of me as pieces of my black coating flew off and went into the grandstands.

it is perfect

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i went to the retreat house at the convent today and selected the room that i’ll be using for studio space until August. it’s exactly what i was hoping for and i am thrilled with it!

here are the details: the room is about 10ft x 12ft, with a tiled floor, and one window that faces to the west. there’s lots of bright sunlight during the afternoons, which is when i’ll be working there most of the time. it is on the third floor of the building and in a very quiet area. there’s also a community washroom and shower just down the hall. i was told that i’ll be up there by myself most of the summer and that i may come and go as i please. Read the rest of this entry »

Task list

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it’s now day of the headache from hell. i think it might be due to some old memories trying to resurface. either that or its a too-mah. all i know is that any direct light or loud noise makes my head throb and my hair hurt. i have lots to do today, though, so i can’t let it slow me down. yeah, i know. i’m such a martyr. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ok, so I talked to the president of the bank today, and he assured me that things would be straightened out for the better. Of course, I’ll be watching to see that he’s not feeding me a line. Bankers like to do that. One thing’s for sure…they will no longer be taking in automatic paycheck deposits via hubby’s job. This opens up a whole other avenue of bs that I’m not really willing to deal with, but in a week or so we’ll have another bank to take over hopefully, and will have no more problems. Ugh. It’s difficult to do that – hubby must be here to sign too, and it’s not ever a guarantee he’ll be in town. Well, not when we have any money anyway.